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        Meyerhofer Academy of Dancing

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All of us, as parents, want the best for our children. We routinely make decisions which we believe will enhance the quality of their lives. The gift of music and dance is one that enriches the human spirit. It is an important part of a child's development as well as helping to promote self-discipline and boosting self-confidence.

Young children are naturally active. The way they learn co-ordination is by practicing movement regularly. By encouraging our children to listen, skip and dance to music, we help them to learn how the music feels. Our goal is a happier, more creative and able child. Your child's love of dance is something that can set the tone for a lifetime.

We share the opinion of many influential instructors who believe any well trained dancer needs ballet instruction to fully develop his or her potential. Ballet training is the cornerstone of this studio.

We believe in safe and correct training, progressing the student in stages which demand only as a much as a young body can safely handle.

For years the Meyerhofer Academy of has been a leader in training young dancers. Many of our students have gone on to dance professionally, while others have used their training to pursue academic careers.

  1260 Bishop Street | Cambridge | Ontario | Phone: 519-653-5301
  Lisa Meyerhofer, ARAD RADTC
Owner - Artistic Director


Wilma Meyerhofer
Administrator 519-651-1706