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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I bring my child to you rather than another Studio?

Our instructors are educated in the dance forms but have not forgotten that each student is an individual and must be looked at as such. We take the job of teaching dance seriously.

2. Is it true that your Studio is only for serious students who wish to make dancing their career?

Structure and discipline should be part of any dance or sports program but we believe enjoying the sport or in our case, the dance is equally important. Because our classes are well structured, the environment within the class is full of fun allowing the student to achieve the goals set by the instructors .



  1260 Bishop Street | Cambridge | Ontario | Phone: 519-653-5301
  Lisa Meyerhofer, ARAD RADTC
Owner - Artistic Director


Wilma Meyerhofer
Administrator 519-651-1706